Aqua Boot Camp

The Peoria YMCA offers a number of Aquatic Fitness Classes…which are FREE with a YMCA membership! Click here for a list of classes, days and times.

New to Aqua Boot Camp this year is the use of paddles made specific for muscular strength and endurance work in the water. The paddles are a type of water fitness equipment that uses one of the properties of water, specifically drag force, to create resistance.

Paddles are lightweight, rigid pieces of hand-held equipment made from plastic. The overall design (size and shape) increases drag resistance during submerged movement. The resistance is variable, based upon speed of movement as well as the surface area presented during the exercise. The amount of water flowing through the paddle alters the surface area.

Water is approximately 800 times “thicker” than air. Drag force, movement speed, use of equipment and lever length can all be used to manipulate resistance in the water. The use of paddles as drag equipment creates concentric muscle actions in the water so both muscle pairs are worked with one exercise. (Example: biceps and triceps) Thus, every movement in the water is challenging the body to work against a form of resistance.

Today, more athletes are turning to the pool for cross-training, to supplement land training, to reduce overuse injuries, to increase muscle strength, to overcome training plateaus, to experience new ways to work multiple planes of movement, and to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

There is an “athlete” in all of us! The mounting research on the benefits of aquatic exercise supports the claim that it helps people of all ages and ability levels. Be a part of the new wave of training!

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