Celebrate Read Across America Day

Across the nation, on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, children and families will be coming together to nurture a love for reading. 

In celebration of Read Across America Day on March 2nd, here are some tips to help get your child interested in reading:

  • Setup a schedule that includes daily reading. Whether it’s before bed or after getting home from school, setting the expectation that reading is going to be a part of the day makes it easier to build the habit of reading.
    Introduce your child to varied types of reading materials and genres. Books, magazines, and newspapers all provide different reading experiences and some may appeal to your child more than others. Fiction and non-fiction, as well as their sub-genres, can also provide varying amounts of interest.
  • Limit screen time. As enthralling as reading can be, TV, video games, and the internet in general are often going to be more alluring. Limiting screen time by engaging in other activities, such as reading, playing games as family, or spending time outdoors, will engage your child in the world around them.
  • Most importantly, let your child choose their own books. Public libraries are a great resource and they are free! Join your local library and let your kids check out books that seem interesting to them. Since the books are ones that they pick out, there is more motivation to read them. For book recommendations, click here for the 2018-2019 Read Across America book recommendations.

The Peoria YMCA has a Little Free Library (located near the front door). Little Free Libraries are located throughout the US, click here for a map of other locations. Anyone is free to take books or leave books in the libraries.

Opening a book can bring a whole new world to your child, use March 2nd to explore all that books have to offer!

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