Core For Runners

Run faster and smarter with this game-changing core training.

The exercises that help you run faster and improve symmetry.

Want to pick up the pace and smash your running goals? Or maybe you’re not a runner but want to strengthen your core. Research suggests focusing on a specific type of integrated core training – not spending more minutes pounding the pavement or tackling the treadmill – could be key to achieving quicker run times and improving running symmetry.

Targeting big muscle groups around the hips, lower back, glutes and abs will improve your running times and technique according to recent research.

Key exercises for runners


Hovers and planks

Hovers and planks build three-dimensional core endurance, which is key to improving speed and enhancing running economy.

Once you’ve mastered the basic hover – try adding an element of dynamic instability by adding foot taps or knee drops.




Mountain climbers

Mimicking the muscle activation patterns of running, mountain climbers are a great way to build cardio fitness and enhance running economy.






Cross crawls

Cross craw ls mimic the trunk rotation that occurs while running, building core strength and helping enhance running economy.






Squats are a great way for runners to strengthen the primary running leg muscles. This lower body strength training can also help reduce the risk of joint pain and the risk of overuse injury.

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