Getting Into Myzone – 270 MEPs!

Have these machines ever scared you?


Look, I totally understand. If aliens landed on earth, walked into the Y, and came across these bad boys, I’m sure they would think they were death traps, not exercise equipment.

They are in fact easy-to-use exercise equipment, I promise! They help you build muscle, and if you are intimidated by these machines, you are not alone. Luckily at the Y, we have fitness attendants that can help you figure these deathtraps fitness machines out. I use them all the time, and they are really great for short sessions in-between cardio.

Speaking of cardio… yesterday I made a mistake and forgot to pack my gym shoes, so these beat-up boat shoes had to do. Using a rowing machine never felt so real… Here’s what my workouts usually consist of:

1. 10-15 minutes of cardio (I like to bike or sometimes run.)

2. 20 minutes of using the deathtraps  fitness machines

3. 15 minutes of rowing or some other fun thing like hiking

I like this because it’s not super intense, but gets the job done. I also like to switch things up pretty regularly to 1.) hit different muscle groups and 2.) not get bored out of my mind. So yesterday was the 2nd day of September and I made a goal to hit 2,000 MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) by September 30 using my Myzone MZ-3 belt (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to read about how I’m Getting Into Myzone with Myzone). In the past two days I earned 270 MEPs, which means I need 1,730 more this month! Another reason I love Myzone, I’m not worried about how many calories I’m burning or how many times I’m going to the gym every week, I NEED THOSE MEPS!!!!

Here’s what yesterday looked like for me:

You can see by the chart, I procrastinated much less yesterday than I did on Tuesday, before I jumped onto the rowing machine… by 2:47pm I was up and rowing, earning 4 MEPs per minute in the yellow zone!

This view is from the Myzone app and is available immediately after your workout. I like this screen because you can see the pie chart with the different zones and how much time you were in each zone throughout your workout. You will also see that my average effort % was 72% and my average heart rate was at 136. GUESS WHAT!!! Myzone calculated my maximum heart rate at 189, and 73% of 189 is in fact 136!!! (Sorry for geeking out on you there, but that is so interesting to see!)

Today I definitely remembered my gym shoes, so I think I’ll bike for a little bit and row, but who’s to say?! Any bets on how long I procrastinate between putting my Myzone belt on and actually starting my workout?

Tomorrow I’ll be back to bore you tell you about my morning routine and how it shapes my whole day!

Ask the front desk how to try out a Myzone belt for free!







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