Getting Into Myzone – Hi!

 Hi, I’m Andy…

and this is my puppy, Tobin! I am one of the new Communications Coordinators at the Peoria YMCA which is just a fancy way to say I help make sure you know what’s going on at the Y! Follow along as I take you through my journey to get healthy again!



I’m calling this series “Getting Into Myzone” because (like I said before) I used to be in really good shape! Not just like, a lower body fat percentage, but like… IN GOOD SHAPE. That Andy felt healthier and stronger, and it’s time to get back to that feeling. In my experience, becoming healthy revolves around balance. If you know me at all, you know I love pizza…
as evidenced by me in this pizza onesie… but balancing that pizza with physical activity and healthy options is essential to feeling good.

My journey started on July 13th when I was hired at the Y. At that point I was given a Myzone MZ-3 belt to try and it has been really amazing for tracking my workouts. So far, I have lost 16 pounds using the Myzone belt! That’s since July! The Myzone belt is so easy to use, and it makes my workouts a lot more fun. If you haven’t had a chance to learn about it, here’s how it works:


When you first get your Myzone belt, you download the Myzone app, click register, enter the facility code (which we provide), and then you wear it! It is really that simple. I was tracking my exercise effort minutes after I got my belt.

“But Andy, what do you mean you were tracking your exercise effort?!?!?” That’s a great question. Myzone is different because it monitors heart rate, calories, and time exercising in real time and converts that into into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).The first thing you do when you start wearing your belt is an 11-minute fitness test. This test determines what your maximum heart rate is (mine is 189). When you begin exercising, the Myzone belt figures out what percentage you are to your maximum heart rate. For example, when my heart rate is at 138, I would be at 73% or in the green zone. If you look at the zone tiles above, you will see points for each minute your in a particular zone. Here is what yesterday’s workout looked like for me:


You can see I put my belt on around 2:38 yesterday afternoon, wandered around for a while… probably procrastinating… then actually began doing something around 2:52. I hopped on a bike to get my heartbeat up and did that until about 3:00. After that I lifted some weights and wrapped up my workout with some time on the rowing machine (I HIT THE RED ZONE) then a short walk. To the right you can see that I earned 122 MEPs (Myzone Effort Points), my average percentage was 69%, and I burned 625 calories. More specifically, at 3:01 yesterday, my heart rate was in the green zone, so I earned 3 MEPs for that minute! While I am working out, I can see exactly which zone I’m in on my phone, or if I am in a Studio, I can see it on the TV screen! Here’s what it looked like on my phone (yes, I had to take a picture):

If you have a Myzone belt, you can add me as a friend (@Andy) and we can work on our fitness together!

Big thanks to Ben (the other Communications Coordinator) for the photo on the rowing machine!

Come back tomorrow to get an update on today’s workout and more pics from my embarrassing past!


– Andy Corbin

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