Getting Into Myzone – Hiking Trails



That’s right! My workout last night included a hike on our brand new hiking trails, coming soon to the Peoria YMCA! The brainchild of our Senior Program Director, Paul Larson, these trails are a great way to mix up your activity routine and enjoy the great outdoors.

Getting into the woods is one of my favorite things to do. Not only can hiking get your heart rate up, it can also lower your stress and clear your mind. We are so lucky to have these trails opening up right across our parking lot. As of now, there are two connected loop trails (here’s to not getting lost in the woods!) and one single trail in the woods on the property. These trails are fairly accessible, and feature bridges built in conjunction with PAMBA (Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association).

The Peoria area has many hiking spots just outside, or even within the city limits. When the Kankakee Torrent ripped through central Illinois 19,000 years ago, it carved the river valley and left us with a great landscape to enjoy the outdoors and work our glutes on the trails.


Yesterday started with the row machine, then went into some lifting. You can see the green and blue zones toward the end were my hike on the Y Hiking Trails. Pretty good day all-in-all with 138 MEPs!


More information is coming soon with The Y Hiking Trails information and how you can access them. In the meantime, check out other hiking trails around Peoria, like Forest Park Nature Center, Singing Woods Nature Preserve, Wildlife Prairie Park, and more!


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