Getting Into Myzone – Midweek Motivation


Personally, I’m somehow fueled by the rain. There’s something about it that gives me insane energy and the feeling that I can do anything that comes my way. But, I totally understand that may not be the case for everyone (I’m weird for sure). In the early mornings, you can catch Edie and I down at the front desk, and this week I heard a lot of members saying, “well I made it!” And isn’t that really half the battle?

Those mornings where it’s hard to get out of bed, imagine how you will feel after you finish your activity! That’s what has fueled me to get my MEPs in this week. Speaking of which, I am over a quarter to my MONTHLY goal for MEPs! You can see as of yesterday I have 616 MEPs, so I need 1,384 more to hit 2,000 this month! Do you think I will make it?

Speaking of Myzone, when I first got my belt in July, the first thing I did was the MZ-Fitness Test. This is an 11-minute test that brings your heart rate up gradually for 10-minutes, and then during the last minute, you rest. Then, the Myzone app calculates your heart rate recovery (HRR). 

On July 21st, my HRR was 27 BPM in the minute-long rest. Yesterday, my heart rate dropped by 34 BPM!!!

In short, the more your heart rate recovers, the healthier your heart is. There has been direct correlation with lower HRR and higher mortality rates, so this is definitely a good number to know. An HRR of 15-20 bpm is considered average, and 50-60 is phenomenal. (Think Chris Traeger from Parks & Rec.)

Yesterday’s workout started with the MZ-Fitness Test on the bike, then moved to some lifting, and wrapped up with the rowing machine. In total, I earned 117 MEPs, and burned 619 calories. I keep telling myself that I’m going to take it easy at the beginning of my workout, and then I end up earning around the same amount of MEPs every day. Hopefully that means I’m getting more fit and it’s easier for me to complete my workouts! The Myzone belt is a great way to see my fitness progress with the MZ-Fitness Test. Let’s see if my HRR can get to 40 by the end of October! That seems like a great goal.









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