Getting Into Myzone – That Friday Feeling

First, I have talented friends, obviously…

It’s Friday my dudes! The weekend is upon us and I, for one, am ready for it. Big thanks to my friend for taking my rowing picture from Tuesday and turning it into this masterpiece! Yesterday’s workout had the absence of boat shoes, but it did have a lot of yellow zones on my Myzone app! Again, my Myzone belt has been so amazing to track my workouts and give me motivation to hit the bike, rowing machine, or whatever!

Something great that helps me stay in myzone, are the Zone Match workouts. You can see on the right that the zones I was hitting yesterday are very very symmetrical, bouncing from green to yellow, to green… to yellow, etc. When you press the ZM button, it gives you options like the “Xpress Blipinator” which I did yesterday for 15 minutes on the bike. This is a great way to “gamify” your workout and make it even more fun! After my 15 minutes on the bike, I had about 60 MEPs and was on my way to reaching 129 MEPs total for September 3rd!

If you read my previous blog posts, you probably know that since I started at the Y on July 13th, I have lost a total of 16 pounds! This has partially been because my addiction to my Myzone belt, but it has also been my commitment to balance my meals. I wouldn’t really call myself an unhealthy eater, but I would confess to sometimes over-indulging in certain foods (cue photo of me in a pizza onesie). So I decided to try and balance my eating to 1.) lose weight, and 2.) learn how to feel better without depriving myself of the foods I love.

I’m sure if you are on any form of social media, there’s a chance you have been advertised to by an app called Noom. Well I tried Noom and I have to say I love it. Here’s why it’s different:

Noom makes you track all of the food you eat, which seems annoying, but you definitely get used to it. When you enter a food, it categorizes it into Green, Yellow, or Red, based on caloric-density. (I’m starting to realize I really like color-coding everything…) Foods with high caloric-density (think fried chicken nuggets) won’t keep you as full as foods with lower caloric-density (think baked chicken breast).

The app lets you log as many green foods as you like. For example, vegetables and fruits (for the most part) are green foods, but there are also some surprises. The piece of all whole grain toast I had this morning is also a green food!

Here’s where it gets kind of tricky. Based on the information you give Noom, they will limit your yellow and red food intake to a calorie amount. I am allotted around 1,000 calories for yellow foods, and 500 for red foods. They encourage you to eat these foods, because depriving yourself of food you enjoy will only lead you to quitting your diet and not instill actual lifestyle changes.

Since I started this, I find myself making better choices without even thinking about it, which is crazy! Psychology works, my friends!

Hopefully you picked up some some tips, or I didn’t completely bore you to death on this Friday. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!


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