Life’s Difficult Journey

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, my life was radically changed. 

I arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Friday to help a friend move their furniture and planned to get back on the road early Sunday morning, but that trip would never happen.

On Saturday, I suffered from a massive headache. That headache turned out to be a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is essentially a brain stroke.

I was awakened in January 2010 and realized that the medical team that treated me had put me in an induced coma for 30+ days until they could operate and try to save my life!

I asked the nurses what happened to me. Before the sickness, I was very athletic, and muscularly built. I was 6’3″, 210 lbs, 52 years old and still competing with my younger basketball teammates and slam dunking a basketball. When I was awakened from the medically induced coma, my weight had plummeted down from 210 lbs to 123 lbs. I was in shock!

My first question to the medical team was what happened to my weight! The only thing the medical team could tell me was that I had gotten very sick and it was going to be very difficult trying to get better. My new normal was being bed ridden, paralyzed on the right side of my body, and unable to eat, drink or communicate. I couldn’t even turn in the bed; the nurses had to turn me.

I would later find out that 50% of this type of stroke do not ever make it to the hospital and of those that DO make it to the hospital, many won’t last more than 2 days. The mortality rate is high and only 1/3 of the patients will survive with good recovery.

I am blessed to say I am a part of the blessed 1/3!

It wasn’t an easy road. I had to learn how to talk, eat, and even drink water again. It was a very difficult journey, but through prayers and hard work, physically, I can say that I am back and God does perform miracles.

I have been blessed to have the loving support of my family, especially my sisters; Kathy, Betty, Judy, and Marian; who all played a vital role in my recovery.

I now spend my time working with kids at the Peoria YMCA’s Teen Reach program. This free program allows me to mentor, teach and inspire the youth of Peoria.

Praise God, Marvin

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