National Walking Day

April is Move More Month, with April 3rd being National Walking Day. Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and walking is a great way for anyone to add exercise to a daily routine. Here are a few benefits that walking provides, in case you need that extra little nudge to get moving:

  • Walking helps the whole body: This benefit is often brought up when the benefits of exercising are being discussed, but that’s because it’s incredibly impactful. Walking strengthens the heart & lungs, muscles and bones. Walking also decreases joint pain, lowers heart disease risk and can reduce body fat, all with one exercise!
  • Walking improves your mental state: In addition to the physical benefits, walking helps with cognitive abilities. A study by the American Academy of Neurology found that thirty minutes of walking, three times a week increased “executive functioning” (a fancy way of saying goal setting skills, like planning and focusing), and walking is also linked to increased energy and reduced stress.
  • Walking is “easy exercise” for the body: This one isn’t quite a benefit, but it is more reason to start walking. Compared to other forms of exercise, walking is not as rigorous of an activity, which means that there is less strain on joints and muscles. At the same time, a brisk pace while walking provides many of the benefits.

If you’re looking to start walking more, the Y has a half mile outdoor track around the campus, so you can enjoy the upcoming spring weather. For those colder and rainy days, the indoor track is the perfect place to get in a few laps. The Y also has many varieties of treadmills, which are available to members.

Whether you walk indoors, outdoors, or on a treadmill, challenge yourself in the month of April to move more and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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