Changes to SilverSneakers

Are you an older active adult, wondering about the changes with your health insurance company and what you are eligible for with your Y membership?  We are here to help you!

Here are a few frequently asked questions:

  • Did the SilverSneaker program go away?
    • No, the Peoria YMCA is still offering SilverSneakers classes and memberships.
  • Am I still eligible for SilverSneakers?
    • That will depend on your health insurance company. If you received a letter from your insurance company that stated there were some changes happening, then you may be eligible for a different plan. The Y’s membership staff can help you figure this out.
  • Who made these changes and why?
    • The changes to these programs were made by the health insurance company. The YMCA is a provider of SilverSneakers classes and membership, but we do not set the rules for this program. The Y will help you as much as we can with these changes, but the regulations are not set by the YMCA and it may require you to contact your insurance company.
  • What do I need to do if I received a letter from my health insurance company?
    • It depends on what your letter says, it basically comes down to three different plans you could be eligible for: SilverSneakers, RenewActive or Optum.
    • If you received one of these letters you will need to go to a website ( to get a confirmation code and input your information. You will either get a confirmation code (which you will bring to us) or you will get an 800#. You will need to call this number to get more information on your eligibility.

We are here to help you through this transition, as much as possible. Ask the membership team any questions you may have or reach out to Christina Rivera, Director of Member Engagement, by email or at 309 692 7631 ext. 215.

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