Three Points about Volunteering at the Y

Volunteering is all about filling a need. At church, the need might be cleaning up the tables and chairs after an event, while at school, it’s running the concession stand during games. When I turned in my application for an unpaid internship position at the Y, the need was redesigning the website. However, volunteering at the Y is more than just the work being done. Here are three I learned about volunteering here:


There a tons of great ways to volunteer at the Y. Whether you’re a Youth Sports Coach, an Annual Campaign Volunteer, a Tot Watch Helper or volunteer through countless other opportunities at the Y, you’ll have the chance to benefit your community. In fact, many volunteers find that in serving their community, their own life is impacted just as much as (if not more than) the lives they’re impacting through their work. 


The YMCA would not be here if it weren’t for you. We started with volunteers and we continue to be volunteer-driven. Once you volunteer, you will forever be a part of the YMCA family. Even when you’re time as a volunteer comes to a close, the Y will always be here waiting for our family to walk back through our doors.


Our volunteers are making an impact in the lives of other human beings every day! It is amazing to know that your selfless acts of volunteering could single-handedly change the course of someone’s life. It might be as small as opening a door for someone or as big as mentoring a child until they graduate. Either way, our volunteers are changing the course of someone’s day and in some cases their life. 

To learn more about how to get involved as a volunteer at the Greater Peoria Family YMCA, contact Paul Larson at or go to

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