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Getting Into Myzone – Rest Day(s)

And that’s alright! Yesterday was the first day I slipped my gym shoes on since last Thursday. Sometimes we take a break from the gym, but the worst thing we could do is let it become a whole week that turns into 2 weeks…

Getting Into Myzone – Hiking Trails

  HIKING TRAILS COMING TO THE Y That’s right! My workout last night included a hike on our brand new hiking trails, coming soon to the Peoria YMCA! The brainchild of our Senior Program Director, Paul Larson, these trails are a great way to mix up your activity routine and enjoy the great outdoors. Getting […]

Getting Into Myzone – Midweek Motivation

RAIN GOT YOU DOWN? Personally, I’m somehow fueled by the rain. There’s something about it that gives me insane energy and the feeling that I can do anything that comes my way. But, I totally understand that may not be the case for everyone (I’m weird for sure). In the early mornings, you can catch […]

Getting Into Myzone – That Friday Feeling

First, I have talented friends, obviously… It’s Friday my dudes! The weekend is upon us and I, for one, am ready for it. Big thanks to my friend for taking my rowing picture from Tuesday and turning it into this masterpiece! Yesterday’s workout had the absence of boat shoes, but it did have a lot […]

Getting Into Myzone – 270 MEPs!

Speaking of cardio… yesterday I made a bit of a mistake and forgot to pack my gym shoes, so these beat-up boat shoes had to do.

Getting Into Myzone – Hi!

My journey started on July 13th when I was hired at the Y. At that point I was given a Myzone MZ-3 belt to try and it has been really amazing for tracking my workouts. So far, I have lost 16 pounds using the Myzone belt! That’s since July! The Myzone belt is so easy to use, and it makes my workouts a lot more fun.

COVID-19 Guidelines during Phase 4

Blood Drive @ the YMCA

The demand for blood has increased by 40% in a matter of weeks and is now at pre-pandemic levels.  Donations are still down by more than 20%.  Several times in the last 2 weeks, inventory has fallen below a 2-3 day supply of multiple blood types.  Additional donors are needed to help stock the shelves. […]

New Leader for Youth, Teen & Family Programs!

Charles Gordon has accepted a position with the Greater Peoria Family YMCA as the new Director of Youth, Teen and Family Programs. He will look to develop and implement meaningful social, recreational and educational programs that will help to engage, empower and educate members of the community. Charles’ mission is to serve as a leader, […]

3 Things You Can Learn About Yourself in Group Exercise

On the journey to better health and wellness, figuring out the when, where, why and how of exercising can be a daunting task. But group exercise classes can take care of many of these variables for you. The YMCA of Middle Tennessee has put together these great reasons why YOU should try the Y’s Group […]

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