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New Year, New Goals, Now What?

Alright, so it’s been a few weeks since the beginning of 2018, and you’ve probably made some resolutions. How are you feeling about them so far? Super confident and motivated? Or are they already a thing of the past? If you fall under the latter, that’s okay. This happens to the majority of resolutioners, as […]

Take your son and do some man things!

When I got off work on Friday I got home a little earlier than normal. I was given the run down from my wife on how the past few days went since school let out for Christmas break. She informed me that my eight year old son was being difficult, argumentative, and…being a boy. Saturday […]

Valuing Peoria’s Volunteers

To Peoria YMCA member Carole Ackerman, instilling in her children and grandchildren the importance of volunteering is of utmost importance. Her family often recite 1 Thessalonians 5:11: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” It is no wonder that last week Carole was the winner of the […]

The Peoria YMCA Helps Youth Experience Their Best Summers Ever

Do you remember your best summer ever? Did you stay all day with your friends at the local pool? Did you head to the local park and play basketball? Or was your best summer the summer you discovered your favorite literary heroes and followed their adventures from the comfort of your own backyard? For most, […]

Child Abuse Prevention

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and youth-serving organizations across the country are working this month to raise awareness and understanding about a topic that needs more attention in more communities: child sexual abuse. Statistics reveal that about 1 in 10 children in the United States will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Sadly, in […]

What is Personal Training all about?

You take the plunge….you make the call….you fill out the papers….get your picture taken….and you are now an official member of the YMCA. You make a big plan to come 3 days a week. You may even buy a new pair of shoes. So here you are … scan your card, walk upstairs, look around, […]

Four Reasons To Participate In Group Fitness

The Peoria YMCA offers more than 50 group fitness classes each week and they are FREE to our members. Why? Because our members know about these four things… GROUP EXERCISE IS MORE FUN AND MORE MOTIVATING THAN WORKING OUT ALONE! When you’re surrounded by others who are also terrified of what the instructor is going […]

Three Points about Volunteering at the Y

Volunteering is all about filling a need. At church, the need might be cleaning up the tables and chairs after an event, while at school, it’s running the concession stand during games. When I turned in my application for an unpaid internship position at the Y, the need was redesigning the website. However, volunteering at the Y is more than just […]

Add Learning How to Swim to Your Child’s List of Basic Life Skills

There is a list of basic life skills all parents instinctively know they must teach their children to keep them safe and healthy. It includes habits like looking both ways before you cross the street, washing your hands with soap and water and eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day. For too many parents, safety […]

Five Healthy Habits for a Healthy Summer

Summer is just around the corner and with it children’s break from the routine—mornings spent sleeping in, afternoons spent watching television or playing video games in the cool air conditioning and evenings enjoying a nice ice cream cone before bed. It may sound great, but a summer spent like this can have lasting negative effects. Kids […]

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