Sustaining Members

At the Peoria Y, our Sustaining Members support the mission of the Y, to make sure no one is turned away due to the inability to pay.

What is a Sustaining Member? Super awesome Sustaining Members are those at the Peoria Y who make a charitable gift to the Y’s Youth Programs. Any member who makes a $10/month contribution or more qualifies.

Do I get anything by being a Sustaining Member? YES! Beginning in June, you will see Sustaining Member Only parking in the Y parking lot. Only members with a special sticker will be allowed to park in those spots. We will also have appreciation opportunities throughout the year for our Sustaining Members.

How do I become a Sustaining Member? Just download and complete the donation form (click on image to download), see our Membership Team and they can provide you with a copy of the donation form, OR make a donation online.

How will I know where to park? Beginning in June, there will be three spots designated for Sustaining Members.  Only cars with the Sustaining Member decal will be permitted to park in these spots.

I am a Sustaining Member, but all of the reserved spots are taken, what do I do? Since there are only three designated parking spots, they are on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Y values all of our Sustaining Members and know that you will get your chance to use the special parking spots in the near future.

What if someone without a decal is parked in the spot? Please let the Membership Team know and we will sure to notify the person what is needed to be able to use the designated parking spots.

Are staff eligible? Yes, any member of the Peoria YMCA can qualify as a Sustaining Member, but only non-staff, Peoria YMCA Members are eligible for the Sustaining Member Parking.

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