Les Mills

  • If you haven’t done so already, create an instructor account here
  • After creating your account, bookmark this link to access the platform moving forward 
  • From the LM Connect homepage, click ‘find classes’
  • From the ‘find classes’ tab, use a search term, like ‘Peoria’ to find the facility 
  • Click on ‘club profile’
  • Click ‘request affiliation’ 
  • Alyssa will receive an email to approve the affiliation request 
  • Once an affiliation request has been approved, it can take up to 24 hrs for the systems to sync 
  • 24 hrs later, instructors that are affiliated with Greater Peoria YMCA can use the code LMLAUNCH on the standard or later registration ticket (can’t be applied to early bird).  The cost of the standard ticket comes to ~$235.  
  •  To browse/register for upcoming trainings, visit the ‘book training’ option from the homepage
  • Once registered, you will receive email confirmation and the assigned pre-work ~10 days before training
  • Reach out to Alyssa Johnson, alyssa.johnson@peoriaymca.org or Alice Apfelbach, alice.apfelbach@lesmills.com, with any questions 
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