Biggest Mover Contest – Win an iPad Mini!!!

Get in shape! Lose weight! Live a healthier life!  WIN GREAT PRIZES!!!  Starts January 18th.

The contest is designed for anyone who wants a jump-start on their fitness goals.  Sign up for The Biggest Mover and turn your new fitness goals into a long-term lifestyle that is more fit and healthy.

Get Moving with Group Fitness!                              
  • Earn points for attending ANY group exercise class (1 point per workout)
  • Earn points for bringing a friend to class (1 point for bringing a friend to class and 5 points if they become a Peoria YMCA member)
  • Weekly drawings that everyone goes in, as long as you turn in your workout card.
  • Grand prize (iPAD MINI!!!) is awarded to the member with the highest number of total points at the end of the contest period.  You have 8 weeks to WIN BIG!

To register, see the membership desk or group fitness instructors.

Click here for the list of amazing prizes to be won! Prizes include: a high performance juice extractor, Bradley Basketball tickets, gift cards and much, much more.

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