Winter Fitness Bingo

Looking for a fun way to stay motivated this Holiday season? Join us, starting on Monday, December 3rd to play some fitness BINGO and win cool prizes. BINGO cards are available at the front desk and are FREE for Peoria YMCA members.

To participate in Holiday Fitness Challenge Bingo, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Bingo runs from December 3rd– December 31st. Prizes will be drawn January 2nd.
  • Cost is FREE for members
  • No substitutions for classes can be made by your instructor. If your card has a class that you absolutely cannot attend, please see the Wellness Director, Katrina Howard, for assistance.
  • An instructor’s or wellness coach’s initials on the relevant box of your bingo card is required as proof of your class attendance. Your instructor can only sign off on the class that they are teaching and that you are attending. Only one box may be checked off per class.
  • Give your instructor your card at each class, they will sign your card. Instructors are not responsible for lost or misplaced bingo cards. You may give your Bingo card to the front desk before you leave the Y to save for you until you come back.
  • One bingo = one ticket entry in our fitness prize drawing. Once you have received your first bingo (five in a row up/down/diagonal with initials), see the front desk to retrieve a raffle ticket. 12 bingos total are possible.
  • A blackout (whole card is filled) is rewarded with an extra 10 raffle tickets.


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