• Flag Football League, for all ages!

    A co-ed, all ages flag football league (ages 6 and up). Sign up as individuals and teams will be assigned by age groups. This is a fun, friendly, indoor/outdoor league.  When: Saturdays Dates: Sept. 10th-Oct. 29th Cost:  Y members – $50;  Non-members – $60 Register: Call 309 692 7631 or click here to register online.

    Flag Football League, for all ages!
  • Kids Boot Camp

    EIGHT WEEKS of fun exercises and activities to keep kids active, healthy and motivated!  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 5-5:45pm KIDS ONLY!! AGES 8-14 Trainer: Sara Amato (NCFS Personal Trainer) Payment required by first session.  Space is limited to 8-10 participants per session. Register at the front desk or click here to register online.

    Kids Boot Camp
  • Teen Events, Fall 2016

    We have numerous teen events happening this fall.  They include: Out-of-school-time for 9-11 year olds Our How To Series, which focuses on an array of topics, such as how to change your oil, how to open a bank account and how to interview for a job Activities such as flag football and an adult vs.… Read More

    Teen Events, Fall 2016
  • Before & After School Care

    Y-ACHIEVEMENT, our after school program is made up of more than just a safe place for your child. The staff plays each day with new and exciting activities to develop the students. Your students will experience activities in seven core content areas: arts and humanities, character based education, free play, homework support, literature, service based… Read More

    Before & After School Care
  • What is the Yellow Banana Club?

    The Yellow Banana Club is a committed bunch of YMCA members who are in the prime of their life. They are no longer green, instead they hold a mature and wise demeanor. They enjoy doing all sorts of activities, including: book clubs, volunteer work, trips and other recreational shenanigans.  Are you interested in belonging? Click… Read More

    What is the Yellow Banana Club?
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