• New Fitness Equipment

    The Peoria YMCA is happy to announce the arrival of two new stationary bikes. Our Fitness Attendants will be happy to show members how to use these machines.   835 PRECOR UPRIGHT BIKE 12 programs 25 resistance levels Touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring with SmartRate Features 3-position handlebars for upright, cruising and road positions… Read More

    New Fitness Equipment
  • Biggest Mover Contest – Win a Fitbit Blaze!!!

    Get in shape! Lose weight! Live a healthier life!  WIN GREAT PRIZES!!! Starts February 6th and goes until April 1st. The contest is designed for anyone who wants a jump-start on their fitness goals.  Sign up for the Biggest Mover and turn your new fitness goals into a long-term lifestyle that is more fit and healthy. Get… Read More

    Biggest Mover Contest – Win a Fitbit Blaze!!!
  • What is the Yellow Banana Club?

    What is a Yellow Banana? Yellow Banana is an appealing bunch of YMCA members who are in their prime of life. They are no longer green, but hold a mature and wise demeanor. They enjoy doing all sorts of activities from book clubs, serving, trips, and other recreational shenanigans. Are you interested in belonging? Call… Read More

    What is the Yellow Banana Club?
  • Challenge yourself to try something new!

    Check out our Winter Fitness Class schedule and challenge yourself to try something new!  Click here for class descriptions.

    Challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Before & After School Care

    Y-ACHIEVEMENT, our after school program is made up of more than just a safe place for your child. The staff plays each day with new and exciting activities to develop the students. Your students will experience activities in seven core content areas: arts and humanities, character based education, free play, homework support, literature, service based… Read More

    Before & After School Care
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