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Scholarships at the Y

Did you know, the Greater Peoria Family YMCA also offers donor-funded scholarships for membership and programs, to insure that money is not a barrier to healthy living

All reduced membership and program rates will be based upon the household income and size of the family. A sliding scale is used to determine membership fees for adults and children. Qualifying applicants will receive additional program scholarships. Members must reapply annually.  

If you are living on a fixed or limited income, your Y membership and programs fees may cost you less through the Y’s Scholarship program.  Scholarships are determined on level of income, family size, and circumstances. It’s easy to apply for a scholarship.  Before signing up for a membership or registering for a program, simply download or ask at the Membership Desk for an application. Once the application has been submitted it will be reviewed.  All scholarships will remain confidential. Scholarships are awarded on a sliding fee scale.  Our staff is sensitive to issues and needs and they address each one with a personal and caring approach.

Submit Your Scholarship Application

Completed applications can be sent to Kennedy Banks at or fax at 309.692.4892.

The following documents must accompany your application to verify financial need:

A. Employment check stubs or other proof of current salary, and previous year’s tax return. For example: a completed 1040 form from the previous year OR click here for how to obtain a non-filing letter.

B. Any state subsidy (food stamps, disability, etc.)

C. Proof of educational financial assistance or child support

Who are Scholarships for?

It’s for the single-parent who needs caring and safe after-school or summer care, so her children won’t go home to an empty and unsupervised house…

It’s for the family that has found itself in tough economic times and needs a support system and family enriching programs and a place to play as a family…

It’s for the adult looking to relieve the stress of daily life and work by participating in a variety of exercise options…

Limited funds for scholarships for YMCA programs, child care and membership have been made available by the generous contributions of members and friends in our Greater Together Annual Scholarship Campaign. Completion of a scholarship application and proof of income, as well as meeting requirements for child care assistance is required as outlined in the application.