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STARTING MARCH 1ST to be stronger in body, mind, and spirit!

Most people give up too soon. Strong 90 is an app designed to help YMCA members build habits, connection with others, and maintain focus so they can create life-changing momentum and grow stronger in body, mind, and spirit. The Strong 90 app is your daily source of inspiration and guidance to help you start strong, finish stronger, and build a better life.

This is shifting our thinking for life change

SHOW UP: GIVING UP TO HEALTHY HABITS – Instead of obsessing over big goals, start small, you won’t believe how quickly small wins can stack up to huge victories.

PARTNER UP: ON MY OWN TO ACCOUNTABILITY – You can’t do it alone. No one can. If you want to go further, you have to go together.

LEVEL UP: COMPLACENCY TO FOCUS – Moving forward means continually pushing your limits and tapping into your deeper motivations.

You can be right where you are now, or you can have a new found strength in body, mind and spirit to be the better version of you for life.

For all questions, please contact:
Kennedy Banks, Director of Member Engagement. | 309-692-7631
Kate Schmalshof, Director of Healthy Living. | 309-692-7631